Manages communication between corporate, field, and individual stores

Combines action planning, goal tracking, and collaboration tools to drive store performance metrics

Focuses the field on improving store profitability by providing a singular view of performance KPIs

Centralizes data and resources for easy locating

Delivers meaningful insights that help everyone, regardless of technical ability, make data-inspired decisions

Platform Benefits


No hardware or software to install or manage. Set up is easy, cost effective, and fast.

Brand Compliant

Our white-label platform is customizable to meet brand standards

Role-based Access

Set permissions by role, giving users access to only what they need

Cloud Based

Accessible anywhere—except maybe from a remote mountain top


Seamless integration with existing systems, including single sign-on services

Multi-layered Security

Highest level of platform security, ensuring data is only accessible by approved users


Mobile and web applications, supported by open APIs


UI adapts to any screen size, making it easy to use on all types of devices


Dedicated account management, training, and support services

Workflow Based Planning

Users are guided through the platform experience, making task completion seamless

Solutions Across the Enterprise

Enterprise Alignment

Connecting Corporate to the Store Level

Enterprises struggle with inherent challenges such as decentralized operations, dispersed stores, and a layered hierarchy of command. When it comes to rolling out new programs, competing information funnels down to stores via the field team. CoEFFICIENT® ensures ideas don’t get lost in translation and programs meet their goals.



Communicate initiatives through one channel that is always accessible by the entire enterprise


Enable actionable workflows between all levels of the organization


Monitor performance and achieve goals through shared tools


Measure success, refine goals, and repeat

Product Features

Action Plans

Create and assign task lists matched with KPIs to help the field drive store accountability and give employees clear directions to complete goals.


Leverage tools that monitor and track store performance against objectives, identify macro trends and key opportunities, and show comparative metrics by groups.

Data Driven Notifications

Field employees receive email alerts if stores over or under–perform by customized performance thresholds.


Applications that work together to capture knowledge, share documents, message field managers, and collaborate on goals, programs, and incentives.

“The Nissan Loyalty Rewards program would have required me to use twelve reports to review all of the program metrics. CoEFFICIENT allowed me to see everything in one consolidated dashboard.”

-Warda Shah, Nissan Canada

Field Force Optimization

Transform Your Field Team From Enforcers to Consultants

Field managers are the bridge between corporate and stores. They implement corporate initiatives, visit stores, and address performance issues. Instead of requiring field managers to waste valuable time analyzing store data and creating reports, CoEFFICIENT® provides the insights and contact management they need to optimize their time and ultimately drive results.



Field managers can easily report and document store issues for visibility


Open communication between different levels fosters relationships, drives community, and inspires connectedness

Drive Change

Drive corporate initiatives, identify opportunities, and track program performance


Give field managers time to ensure stores deliver brand standards and drive employee accountability

Product Features

Contact Management

This documentation tool measures individual store performance against KPIs, monitors action items, and records discussions via mobile or web, saving field managers time in reporting.


Clear, understandable metrics to help you communicate and track corporate initiatives, identify areas of opportunity by store, and identify trends across your district, area, or region.


Applications that work together to capture knowledge, share documents, message stores, and collaborate on best practices with other field managers across the enterprise.


Complete facility reviews and checklists across all stores to ensure a consistent brand experience.

“My time spent on contact reports went from 45 minutes to 5 minutes with CoEFFICIENT®.”

-Robert Kahro, Nissan Canada District Manager

Store Performance Management

Empowering Individual Stores with Enterprise-Level Data

With individual stores focused on day-to-day performance, it can be difficult prioritizing new corporate initiatives like customer loyalty programs or new technology adoption. CoEFFICIENT® opens channels of collaboration and understanding to help move initiatives forward, helping communicate financial results and drive accountability.



Accessible KPIs help stores understand why they should focus on and why, moving initiatives forward by communicating financial results and drive accountability.


Allow stores to measure their performance relative to others

Brand Quality

Open communication ensures that all stores are delivering consistent brand standards.


Aggregate individual store results without distracting managers away from driving performance

Product Features


Expose opportunities with tools that monitor and track store performance against objectives and also compare metrics to similar stores across the enterprise.


A repository for reports, goals tracking, and documentation enables store managers to keep informed on corporate initiatives and to openly communicate across the enterprise.

Action Plans

Task lists matched with KPIs drive store accountability and give employees clear directions to complete goals.

“CoEFFICIENT Weekend Sales enabled us to gather sales information over the weekend without direct involvement of our field teams. The process is more efficient since the tool is easy to use, and the data is more accurate as dealer usage grows.”

-Sandy Stallsmith, Nissan North America