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At Square Root®, our Store Relationship Management software, CoEFFICIENT®, connects the dots in business data to give retailers an edge in pinpointing opportunities and optimizing efficiencies to drive results. CoEFFICIENT also helps you communicate and track daily business operations—connecting enterprises from the corporate level down to individual stores.

“The currency of CoEFFICIENT is data. Through the platform we collect and connect data, apply workflows and analytics, and deliver actionable insights.”

—Chris Taylor, Founder and CEO, Square Root®

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Transform Your Field’s Dealer Prep Work with CoEFFICIENT

District managers have a unique, yet pivotal, role in the automotive industry. They are always on-the-go, traveling to any one of the 10 to 15 different dealerships they manage. We recently shared the story of two different district managers: Patrick Smith and Erica Bruno. In our conversation, we asked how they are able to best manage their time while maintaining such hectic schedules. They both mentioned the most important part of their workflow is their prep work for each dealer visit. Both typically spend Mondays at their offices, preparing and scheduling their visits for the week. This, they said, set the tone for the work week ahead. Patrick and Erica are both CoEFFICIENT users who use the tool to help them quickly get their dealer visits organized. Before CoEFFICIENT, they both had their own methods and processes, but prep work could take up to one fourth of the week! Both Patrick and Erica agree that their time is better spent in stores driving change with the data and tools the platform provides. While preparing, district managers typically ask themselves three main questions: Which dealerships need my attention this week? What will I talk about with each general manager? How can I do this effectively? In order to maximize their effectiveness and truly make a difference, it is important that district managers work to answer these questions. Which Dealerships Need My Attention? Many district managers struggle with collecting information from a lot of different places, like excel reports, email exchanges, handwritten notes, etc. Digging through this information can provide them with a lot of data—but not actionable insights. WIth CoEFFICIENT,... read more

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"The Nissan Loyalty Rewards program would have required me to use twelve different reports to review all of our program metrics. CoEFFICIENT allowed me to see everything in one consolidated report."

– Warda Shah, Nissan Canada

"My contact reports went from 45 minutes to 5 minutes with CoEFFICIENT."

– Robert Kahro, NCI District Manager

"CoEFFICIENT Weekend Sales enabled us to gather sales information over the weekend without direct involvement of our field teams. The process is more efficient and data is more accurate due to the increased usage by our dealers thanks to the ease of use of the system."

– Sandy Stallsmith, Nissan North America

"By providing us with progressive technology and meaningful, real-time data, Square Root has helped Nissan become an innovation leader in the Parts and Service business."

– Kent O’Hara, Vice President, Nissan Aftersales

"Our dealers know that every customer that leaves their store is going somewhere else. CoEFFICIENT helps them know where they need to improve and drives accountability."

– Anne Corrao, Director, Nissan Sales Operations